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JERRY LEWIS - Expert Associate

Jerry Lewis retired as a Lieutenant from the New Jersey State Police after twenty-five years of service.  Mr. Lewis was the supervisor of the Violent Crime Analysis and Polygraph Unit and has been a polygraph examiner for thirty-five years.  Mr. Lewis has conducted more than 4000 criminal-specific examinations.  Mr. Lewis has been recognized as an expert in Statement Analysis and was one of the first detectives in the United States to be trained in this technique, having analyzed thousands of statements since that time.  


Mr. Lewis has been teaching Statement Analysis since 1984 and regularly consults with law enforcement agencies on serious and complex investigations.  Mr. Lewis developed his Tactical Interviewing Program and over the past 35 years has trained more than 30,000 law enforcement professionals in the art of interrogation.  He holds a Masters Degree in Education from Seton Hall University.

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