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Why Have an Assessment of the Crime Scene Unit?

In today’s complex world, criminal investigations are expected to be conducted within nationally and internationally accepted standards and best practices.  The state, defense, courts and public expect those charged with conducting these investigations to employ the latest technology maintaining the highest level of professionalism, confidence, impartiality and objectivity while at the same time being free from bias.  A Crime Scene Unit Assessment will provide an independent and objective evaluation from which the agency and unit can chart a course forward guaranteeing a quality work product.

What is the Purpose of the Assessment?

The Crime Scene Unit Assessment will be conducted to ascertain the level of conformance as measured against ISO 17020 and ISO 21043 standards for best practices relevant to crime scene investigation for both unit operations and investigative activity.

Why Choose Highlands Forensic Investigations & Consulting, LLC?


The Assessment Team at Highlands has a diverse background of knowledge, training and experience totaling over 130 years of crime scene practitioner and forensic laboratory experience.  The Team includes both active and former crime scene investigators, unit managers and forensic scientists who have extensive backgrounds in the real day-to-day challenges facing an operational crime scene unit.

What is the Process for Achieving an Assessment?

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