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BRIAN COCHRAN - Expert Associate

Brian Cochran is currently a Detective with the Boone County Sheriff’s Department with the responsibility of crime scene investigation and evidence processing.
He is an eighteen-year veteran of the department.  Prior to being assigned to the crime scene unit he worked with a multi-jurisdictional drug task force, was a case detective, and was responsible for covert electronic surveillance.  Subsequent to being assigned to the crime scene unit, he has testified numerous times on bloodstain evidence, latent print processing, scene processing, and shooting scene analysis in Kentucky District and Circuit Courts.
Mr. Cochran is a member of the International Association of Identification a certified instructor for the Department of Criminal Justice Training in Kentucky.
Mr. Cochran provides consultation, advisory, and teaching services to federal, state and local departments throughout the United States and serves as an instructor on the topic of latent print development and DNA evidence for the University of Tennessee, National Forensic Academy.          

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